6 - 15 july 2018

Create and Carry

This is the third time Gdynia Design Days will feature a series of workshops called Create and Carry focused on the business side of working in the creative industries. This year's event includes five inspirational encounters to help us avoid mistakes in developing our own business, make it easier to establish new professional and social partnerships, along with the chance to exchange experiences.

Actioning business ideas through initial design of strategies and product lines allows us to increase our chances of success, and yet we're not able to predict everything. Getting started in trade is above all else the process of surviving crisis after crisis. During this year's Create and Carry event we will prove that every crisis is also a potential opportunity for development. Scaling your business, developing pricing strategies, negotiating, creating text to go with your products and making YouTube clips are only some of the aspects which will be touched upon during our inspirational lectures, workshops and consultations. Meetings will motivate us to work and equip participants in practical skills needed to enhance our entrepreneurial, creative and analytical abilities. Those invited to lead some of the events include an expert in sales, a business coach and the author of a bestselling book about copywriting.

Participation in Create and Carry is also a great opportunity to build new business relationships and meet many interesting people. This year, we focus on intensive networking in a specially arranged meeting zone, where we welcome you with delicious coffee. Additionally, surprise event awaits you. For each participant we have also prepared a package of gadgets that will make your work pleasant. Join Create and Carry now!


9th of July, 18:00-19:30 | Monday
lecture | How do crises arise and how to use them for development?| Marcin Wanke

The only constant in life is change, and often crisis is its trigger. But how to use crisis for development? Marcin Wanke professionally helps to identify and release personal and team potential. He is a specialist in solving personal and business problems and building strategies. During the lecture he will prove that every crisis is a new opportunity – what matters is a point of view.
Meeting will be the chance to discuss  4 issues such as:
  • Explanation of the structure of the human nervous system and ways of processing external information into decisions.
  • The priority of emotions in relation to the intellect - how to manage them.
  • Sources of crises and ways to use them for self- and business development.
  • Each crisis is a potential opportunity.

10th of July, 10:00-16:00 | Tuesday
workshops | How to create an effective business strategy and negotiate terms of sale? | Paulina Ciecierska

The company's development depends mainly on the profits it achieves. Poor scaling of business and erroneous planning of the pricing policy may effectively slow down the company's development. Workshops are practical instructions on how to effectively develop a business strategy by setting short and long-term goals and developing a policy of retail and wholesale prices. In addition, at the workshop will be discussed the types of distribution channels and how to negotiate sales conditions The workshops were divided into a theoretical and practical part with the possibility of individual consultations.

11th of July, 18:00-19:30 | Wednesday
lecture | How to start on YouTube? | Magdalena Przelaskowska

People make mistakes while running own business and there is nothing wrong with that. It just means they are risk-takers. Most important is to learn on your mistakes and try to limit them in the future. Come to presentation to listen on how to avoid mistakes when starting a YouTube channel.
During the lecture you will learn how to create a YouTube channel and produce effective content. Step by step you will familiarize with basic rules concerning creating videos and tips thanks to which  viewers would share your movies. You will get to know successful examples from Poland and abroad.

12th of July, 10:00-14:00 | Thursday
workshops | Paradigm Shift in communication with clients | Dariusz Puzyrkiewicz

Do you know how to talk about the values of your product and grab others attention? Nowadays overload in communication requires going beyond standard means of expression. During the workshops will be presented 3 elements of a straight communication system with clients, which helps to break through the cliché and show the added value of a new product.
The idea is simple - show the value in the context of what the client knows, wants, desires or hates.
You will learn persuasive sales words and phrases  that directly communicate values.

13th of July,18:00-19:30 | Friday
lecture | Speak with image. Language of photography in brand identity | Małgorzata Popinigis

Photography is a powerful language allowing us to express emotions and values in an universal way. How photography can be used to successfully communicate with our Clients? How can we tell stories using images, that will capture imagination of our audience and maybe even persuade them to change their behaviour?
Careful, conscious and consistent image curation is key in the process of creating modern brand's identity. In a world where most information about a product or service is based on image and text - a well prepared visual content may help us win a lot of Clients. First step is the verification if the image that we are using is indeed, truly the essence of what we want to say. Secondly if we use certain type of image consistently, we gain trust and loyalty from our Clients. Images used to promote our brand should therefore be accurate and also consistent not only in terms of composition and colour but more importantly in terms of message that they are conveying.
*all events run in Polish