6 - 15 july 2018

Reframe and ideate [EN]


13th July, 14:30 -17:30


25 places
Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map no. 26

How to create solutions when all seems impossible

In this highly interactive workshop, participants will be sent out on a "mission impossible". You will receive a design challenge requiring creative problem-solving, ability to extract user-insight, and skill of collaborating for a mutual best result. Working in teams to create solutions to the presented challenge, you will learn to use Design Thinking, a creative and structured innovation framework. Marie will provide exercises to aid the design process, and there will be reflection and discussion as part of the learning experience. You will learn to analyze the needs of target users, use idea generation methods to come up with a multitude of ideas, prototype and test your ideas to iteratively improve your solution. This workshop is for bold problem-solvers who are ready to push themselves and who agree that creativity comes from a playful, open mindset. 

3- key topics of the workshop:

  • Reframe your thinking when a challenge seems impossible.
  • Access and translate user-insight into design action-points.
  • Use creative idea generation methods to create a multitude of possible solutions.

This workshop will equip you with tools to reframe a seemingly impossible problem, generate a range of possible solutions, prototype and test your ideas to achieve an innovative solution.

*Workshop in English

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  • Marie Saasen is a design strategist with a drive to improve the human experience through creativity and communication. She has a Master in strategic design management from Parson’s The New School for Design in New York, and a broad-based background in pedagogy, communication research, marketing and industrial design. After working in a tech start-up on Manhattan, Marie founded the agency Studio Saasen, helping businesses and organizations implement design-driven innovation process. Studio Saasen has diverse clients from a range of industries including telecom, HR, and product design, as well as educational institutions and NGOs.

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