6 - 15 july 2018

Paradigm Shift in communication with clients


12th July, 10:00 - 14:00


24 places
Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map no. 22

This is the third time Gdynia Design Days will feature a series of workshops called Create and Carry focused on the business side of working in the creative industries. This year's event includes five inspirational encounters to help us avoid mistakes in developing our own business and make it easier to establish new professional and social partnerships.

Do you know how to talk about the values of your product and grab others attention? Nowadays overload in communication requires going beyond standard means of expression. During the workshops will be presented 3 elements of a straight communication system with clients, which helps to break through the cliché and show the added value of a new product.

The idea is simple - show the value in the context of what the client knows, wants, desires or hates.

You will learn persuasive sales words and phrases that directly communicate values.

*Workshop in Polish

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  • In the copywriting industry since 2006, specilized in creating texts that sells. He publishes texts that teach how to write effective sales offers and create promotional mailing. His passion for copywriting turned into setting up an own business - Dynanet, where he creates texts that meet expectations of small and large companies. He also conducts practical training and workshops on the creation of sales content and gives speaches during thematic conferences. Author of books "Instant e-mail marketing" and "Bible of Copywriting", and co-author of the new "e-Business Bible".

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