6 - 15 july 2018

Curator's Tour | myHand


9th July, 14:00 - 15:00


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
spot on the map no. 32

The curators of the exhibition will talk about new possibilities that the combination of 3D printing, electronics and open source solutions bring.

The exhibition presents the project myhand, aimed at developing a system of printed 3D parametric prostheses which combine some of the features of what's available in the market today with the very unusual needs of their users. They aim to facilitate such passions or interests like, for example, sports. They are designed with the additional goal of being affordable.

As part of the exhibition, we will present specific problems and solutions in the field of prosthetics as well as the results of the first stage of the myhand project.


  • Designer and businessman, specialising in projects in which he combines parametric modelling, creating dedicated algorithms, digital production and creative coding. He’s a co-founder of Tylko – a startup whose goal is to digitize a furniture market. As a parametric design consultant Michal creates custom software, scripts and parametric models which aid generation, management and fabrication of complex geometry. He works with award-winning designers such Joris Laarman. He is a lecturer at School of Form in Poznan and Creative Coding in Warsaw.

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  • Entrepreneur, designer, promoter of design. Since 2007, has been running the Kafti lightning brand, awarded in several competitions, a.o. Must Have, Śląska Rzecz. Member of the Spirit of Poland Foundation, promoting Polish design at the international forum. Co-founder of WILK Otwarty Klaster Designu. She graduated from Innovation Management (SWPS) and Human Resources Management (SGH).

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