6 - 15 july 2018

Curator's Tour | MANUBA collection GDD


11th July, 15:00 - 16:00


PSTP Gdynia, builiding III
spot on the map no. 5

The curators of the exhibition will talk about the third edition of MANUBA project which is a continuation of the Pomeranian craftsmanship recovery.

In this  year’s edition we leave the four walls and go out to physically experience the reality. We mindfully observe and touch. We check the smell, texture and structure of the REAL. Moderation becomes our favourite word. We don’t need much. We set off in the OFFLINE mode and take only a few items with us.


  • They founded the design studio and the proprietary brand of Witamina D in 2013. As their brand they produce furniture and other objects designed for home and garden. Their designs are characterized by quality, craftsmanship, local identity, simplicity and timeless forms. Their projects have been presented at many exhibitions at home and abroad.

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