6 - 15 july 2018



6 - 15 July, 10:00 - 20:00


Design Terminal
Park Rady Europy

The online/offline life division has become real. They both interact, cross and coexist.

Online mode, using easily available and appealing images brings to us effortless pleasure, volatile satisfaction and an illusion of fulfillment. Beautiful pictures, landscapes, objects and arrangements we see online delight us, but they lull the senses which should be used to perceive the world.

Can a picture of wood's texture replace the pleasure derived from touching an actual wooden object? Can a picture of flowers replace their aroma? Can a picture of furniture show its comfort?

Can we keep the balance between these two parallel worlds? How about experiencing an object before taking a picture of it? Touch it, smell it and try it?

You are welcome to try! You can sit, touch, take pictures and publish them online.



The exhibition has been made by Lumann shop and gallery.
Grunwaldzka 14, Gdańsk | LUMANNdesign.com