6 - 15 july 2018

Nothing wrong with not speaking Polish

Gdynia Design Days is an international festival for amateurs and professionals – designers, graphic artists, illustrators, craftspeople, architects and entrepreneurs who combine design with business. This is an ideal spot for creative people to meet, providing excellent opportunity for us to exchange experiences. Do you not speak any Polish? Not a problem. See how many events and activities you can take part in as part of GDD2018.

Through the events taking place as part of the festival we will present innovative products from all around the world, in order to together consider this year's theme – ERROR, relating to the ever-changing world around us and the most pressing problems affecting it.

As part of the 11th edition of the festival, the exhibitions, workshops, lectures and discussion panels will involve not only guests from Poland, but also from Sweden, Norway, the United States, Germany, Great Britain and Portugal. Discover the Tri-City, visiting its best coffee shops and restaurants. From June onwards, in selected establishments around Gdynia, Sopot and Gdansk you will have the opportunity to see 3D products from the Glitch exhibition, presented as part of the campaign Design In the City. Every show presented as part of Gdynia Design Days 2018 also has descriptions in English. You can see all the GDD2018 exhibitions here.

During the festival, we will host an international business conference Design Talks Business, which will include lectures and workshops in English. If you like, you can enjoy a visit to the cinema, where films will be screened in their original languages (mostly English) with Polish subtitles.

The Meeting Area is a place where you can spend time having coffee, chatting or reading books. We will provide you with a range of reading materials about design, as well as baristas from the local Cafe TŁOK. We hope this spot will provide you with new contacts and connections!

Let's meet at GDD! Do you have any additional questions? During the festival, we will answer them via all our info stands/points.

We have a range of events and attractions aimed at foreign guests who do not speak Polish, such as:

  • all the exhibitions

  • the Design In the City campaign

  • Meetings Area

  • Culinary Area

  • Film Screenings

  • Concert

  • Fashion and Design Fair BAKALIE

Events in English:

07.07 Saturday | 11.00am-03.30pm
Gdynia Design Days guided exhibition tours | Hello Open’er!

07.07 Saturday | 02.00pm-03.00pm
workshop | Experience CIRCO: the Dutch program using a Design approach to catalyze the Transition to a Circular Economy | Jeroen Hinfelaar

09.07 Monday | 04.00pm-04.45pm
lecture | Human error and working with AI | Anton Drachuk, Marco Bar Goria (EN) | PPNT Gdynia cinema

09.07 Monday | 06.00pm-09.00pm
film screening | The Cleaners (EN) | Gdynia Film Center

10.07 Tuesday | 06.00pm-09.00pm
film screening | Dogtooth (GR) | Gdynia Film Center

11.07 Wednesday | Wednesdays at no. 40 Starowiejska St | 07.00pm-10:00pm
concert | no. 40 Starowiejska St

11.07 Wednesday | 03.30pm-04:00pm
meeting | Meet Worth and get a chance to co-finance | Simona Moldovan

12.07 Thursday | 06.00pm-09.00pm
film screening | Force Majeure (EN, FR, NO, SE) | Gdynia Film Center

13.07 Friday | Design talks Business | 10:30am-12:00pm 
Inspirational presentations
presentation | How to deliver value in business without making new products? | Fernanda Torre (SE/PT)
presentation | Design-led Strategy Thinking for Growth | Michael Thomson (UK) Design Connect

13.07 Friday | Design talks Business | 02:30pm-05:30pm
open lecture | Creativity in Failure: From graffiti in Vietnam to brewing in New Zealand | Alice & Scott Krenitski (USA) Place Makers

13.07 Friday | Design talks Business | 02:30pm-05:30pm 
workshop | Reframe and ideate |  Marie Saasen (NOR) Saasen Studio workshops

13.07 Friday | Design talks Business | 02:30pm-05:30pm 
workshop | Business fit for our grandchildren! Tools for transforming | Evelina Lunqvist (SE/AT) The Good Tribe

13.07 Friday | Design talks Business | 02:30pm-05:30pm 
lecture | It’s about culture, not about skills | Ingmar Koglin (DE) Aperto/ IBM iX in Berlin

14.07 Saturday | Design talks Business | 10:00am-02:30pm
Master Class Error Challenge | Henryk Stawicki (PL), Marie Saasen (NOR),  Izabela Bernau-Ławniczak (PL),  Kilian Krug (DE), Alice & Scott Krenitski (USA)