6 - 15 july 2018

Master class | trend (t)error | Zuzanna Skalska


14th July, 10:00 -14:30


25 places
Compulsory registration!


PSTP Gdynia, building IV
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Workshop with a world-class expert in the field of trends. During the master class session, Zuzanna Skalska will talk about her thoughts based on analysis and constant monitoring of most industries.

It’s easy to assess future from the perspective of the current norms, nonetheless without thinking about the future we are not really able to acknowledge if the things we do actually matter. Does that matter actually have any value and does the end user or consumer actually gain something? Did the trend that had been forecasted really came to fruition?

Watching the trend watching - a detective’s effort to find the key ideas and trends in the past. Did the trend analyst made a mistake at some point or was it rather a business that misinterpreted the trend? Is it possible to look back like an archeologist and dig deep to discover key trends from the past? Trend (t)error is an experiment that enables reflection in a world pushed to be continuously successful, triumphant and focused on market innovation.

*Workshop in Polish

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  • Zuzanna Skalska is an expert on trends for innovation and design. She has been working for more than 18 years as a trend researcherand strategist in the field of up-front innovation. She was born in Warsaw, has been living in the Netherlands since 1992. After the graduation in 1998, Zuzanna began as a Sensorial Trend Analyst at Philips Design. In 2001, she joined VanBerlo –Dutch design consultancy. In 2007, Skalska founded the 360Inspiration –(from 2014 fully independent) transdisciplinary brandspecialised in strategic trends forbusiness, industry, government and education. In addition, from 2003 onwards she has been involved In the organisation of the Dutch Design Week. Skalska lectures at TU/e University in Eindhoven, Parsons School of Design in New York and is a co-founder of the School of Form in Poznan, PL.

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