6 - 15 july 2018

Projekt Praga | Marcin Garbacki & Karolina Tunajek

speakers "Designing in revitalized buildings"

Since 2010, they they run the architectural studio Projekt Praga. Their main design activity is revitalization and interventions in existing buildings and post-industrial areas.They also work in the field of hotel and gastronomic interiors. In the field of architecture their team wins prizes in architectural competitions. Bielsko-Biala Museum And Castle Atrium Roofing – first prize , Nowe Żerniki social housing in Wrocław – first prize, Guggenheim Helsinki Museum – honorable mention,  The scientific and didactic building Ochota Campus (psychology, Cognitive Science, Psychophysiology) in Warsaw – first prize (with Piotr Bujnowski  Achitekt).