6 - 15 july 2018

MANUBA - collection GDD


6 - 15 July, 10:00 - 20:00


PSTP Gdynia, builiding III

The third edition of MANUBA project is a continuation of the Pomeranian craftsmanship recovery.

By rule this is a very analogue initiative, appreciating the tangible and direct contact with the substance. The aspect of authenticity, reality and uniqueness is even more visible in the context of this year’s festival keyword “ERROR”. 

In this  year’s edition we leave the four walls and go out to physically experience the reality. We mindfully observe and touch. We check the smell, texture and structure of the REAL. Moderation becomes our favourite word. We don’t need much. We set off in the OFFLINE mode and take only a few items with us. You may wish to do the same so we might see each, exchange thoughts and experiences.

We have invited two designers and three craftsmen from Pomerania to wander and create the MANUBA collection GDD 2018 with us. Together we struggled with the matter, searched for errors which may be a value, looked for solutions and functions needed outside  the network and four walls. Let us go then!


  • They founded the design studio and the proprietary brand of Witamina D in 2013. As their brand they produce furniture and other objects designed for home and garden. Their designs are characterized by quality, craftsmanship, local identity, simplicity and timeless forms. Their projects have been presented at many exhibitions at home and abroad.

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  • EA graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk. Laureate of Amberif Design Award 2012. Participant of many national and international exhibitions. Currently, her works are in galleries all over the world - United States, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Latvia and Italy. In 2017,she received the Medal of the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk.

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  • A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk in the field of graphics and interior design. Focused on graphic design, visual identity and editorial design. Her work has been featured in foreign publications and numerous design blogs. Currently works as a freelancer, creating projects for Polish and international clients.

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    EXPLORE is a journal dedicated to travel sympathizers. It combines the craft of bookbinding with modern printing technology. Each copy was hand-bound using traditional book sewing techniques. The open back reveals the construction layer: thick threads and ribbons connecting individual pages into one volume. The interior is divided with spacers, on which the author's photographs are displayed, supplemented with short notes and fragments of maps, which are a record of her journey. The crowning element, thanks to which the diary acquires a noble and a unique character, is a cover on which the symbols of the world's directions have been embossed using various printing fonts. The EXPLORE journal is an invitation to an analogue recording, less and less practiced, being supplanted by a digital record. The journal is an inspiration to travel, discover and experience reality outside the net.



    APORT is an accessory designed for walking with a dog. It was created in the saddler's workshop with a long tradition. Hand-made of thick, yuft cowhide, which evolves in an unusual way and changes over time leaving traces of the past. The product is characterized by a clean and simple form and attention to the smallest detail. A special belt allows you to carry it in many ways depending on your preferences. The removable inner pocket was designed for keeping dog food. Simple fasteners allow you to manipulate individual elements quickly and easily, which turns out to be useful during walks with the dog. The idea for creating this product is the result of deliberations on moving away from the digital world in favor of experiencing reality. APORT encourages walks in the company of dogs as a way to relax in an offline mode according to your own idea.

  • WIKT


    WIKT is a reinterpretation of a classic picnic basket. It combines several functions, you can carry food in it, but at the same time serve them in a aesthetic way during a picnic. At home it can be used to store food. The contrast between a textural wicker basket and a smooth, simple wooden element emphasizes and enhances the structure of braided lines and wickerwork. The form has been designed to intuitively transform and change functions. The central spindle with a handle allows you to carry an open or a closed basket. The handle, which is also a cotter, makes it possible to lock the basket on a wooden base. WIKT is a basket that encourages you to taste life in a SLOW style. We can disconnect from the network, take WIKT to the nearest park, meet friends in the real world and enjoy the reality together.



    Basket, backpack, backrest - these three functions are combined in SPLOT. Individual withes, hand- weaved by Mrs. Krystyna Januszkiewicz, one by one, together form a compact, strong form that you can rest on. An additional reinforcement and an element that gives shape is an aluminum construction which unwoven part forms a handle. The basket can be carried like a backpack thanks to the woven strands among the withes. SPLOT is a companion of walks along the beach. At any time, you can stop, sit, lean and enjoy the view. This is a way of unhurried experience of offline reality, in opposition to the fast and overloaded online mode.