6 - 15 july 2018

Kilian Krug

speaker of Design talks Business

Kilian Krug is an Interaction Designer and User Experience Consultant, specializing in system design and information design. For him, design means initiating change: through visual translation work, practical research and constructive creativity. His research interests include visual thinking and working with models and prototypes. He works self-employed and is a member of the project team Plural, which works under the maxim “simple and sophisticated” with clients from very different industries and fields.
He attaches great value to teaching methods that are independent of design and technology trends. He seeks to foster competence in interdisciplinary cooperation and “human-centered design”. He has conducted courses, lectures and workshops at various institutions, including the University of the Arts Berlin, University of Michigan and Central European University Budapest. He was also a member of the iF Award jury for Product Interfaces.