6 - 15 july 2018

Gdyby Group

creators of the arrangement of festival spaces

Ewa Kierklo, Monika Przychodzeń i Stanisław Kempa cooperate since 2013 as Gdyby Group. It is  a Gdańsk based bureau working on the borderline of public spaces, design and architecture. In everyday work they design exhibition spaces, museum expositions, events, public spaces, furniture and lots of different forms. Using their experiences and abilities they always tend to create an  original approach to construction and form. They combine craftmanship with design getting  involved in production and prototyping. The process gives a great deal of sattisfaction. Phisical contact with designed forms is crutial for designing proccess. Grupa Gdyby received a first prize in „polski Krajobraz 2013” for the best public space.