6 - 15 july 2018

Evelina Lundqvist

speaker of Design talks Business

Evelina Lundqvist is a social business consultant and an award winning social entrepreneur. Or as she likes to put it — an investor of time and awesomeness. She runs her creativity and sustainability agency, The Good Tribe out of Sweden and Austria. Evelina’s mission is to create change at the intersection of sustainable development and creativity in the private and public sectors, and civil society. Along the way she builds communities, raises awareness and equips people and organisations to take a leap away from “business as usual” to “business for good”. She works together with clients such as IKEA and Caritas and the municipalities of Östersund, Stockholm, Botkyrka and Graz. Moreover Evelina has co-founded numerous ventures over the years. She is currently taking a stronger interest in human rights and democracy, her latest venture is Antirumours Sweden. Evelina holds a MBA in Business Ethics and CSR from Danube Business School in Krems, Austria.