6 - 15 july 2018

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9th July, 19:00 - 19:45


PSTP Gdynia, builiding III
spot on the map no. 8

Aleksandra and Piotr Wiśniewski will present their designs which have redefined the concept of luxury. The concepts that have been designed “humanly”. Which are focused on a human being and are intended for human. Objects that give you freedom to experience luxury.

In recent years, the concept of luxury has underwent transformation. This does not refer to the replacement of paradise holiday in Jurata with the time spent in the Maldives or the “domestic” FIAT 126p being exchanged for hybrid SUV. Disregarding the development of technology, the availability of all goods or generational changes – luxury has gained new meaning.

Technical novelties and amenities have made us dependent on them. Instead of simplifying or making things easier, they absorb all our attention and take our time. Is the exchange of e-mails ASAP, right after you have just opened your eyes, or working from Pendolino on the Krakow-Warsaw route supposed to mean luxury? Not anymore. Luxury is the day when we have accidentally forgotten to take our phone and no one calls us. Being off-line is the luxury of our times. We return to the unplugged mode. This is a luxury.

The lecture is part of DESIGN BLOCK.

*Lecture in Polish





  • Aleksandra Wiśniewska Strategist at Opus B Brand Design, graduate from Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Co-founder of NOBO design group. She has won numerous awards in international and nationwide competitions, e.g. Top Design Award, Red Dot, Dieline Award, Creativity Awards, Pentawards. Piotr Wiśniewski Art Director at Opus B Brand Design, graduated from Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. Co-founder of NOBO design group. Fan and promoter of the history of Polish design, initiator of the establishment of the Virtual Museum of Polish Design, author of numerous texts devoted to Polish design.

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