6 - 15 july 2018

Cross the b/order


6 - 15 July, 10:00 - 20:00


Gdynia Film Centre
plac Grunwaldzki 2

The title of the exhibition is a combination of words: "order" and "border" - both are apparent and disciplines, techniques + ideas freely intermingle, creating a colorful, engaging whole.

The boundaries of matter, communication, language; limitation of body and spirit; age limits, territorial or, finally, those concerning the creator and recipient - illustration exceeds a lot of them. Illustrators reach for many topics, they touch various fields, and their scope of activity often goes far beyond paper cards or computer monitors. This is what shows the Cross the b/order exhibition, on which 16 talented creators from various parts of Poland will present their works: Joanna Bartosik, Robert Czajka, Dominika Czerniak-Chojnacka, Joanna Fuczko, Joanna Gniady, Diana Karpowicz, Karolina Kotowska, Marcin Podolec, Marta Trawińska, Robert Romanowicz, Studio Ładne Halo (Maciek Blaźniak and Joanna Guszta), Dorota Wojciechowska-Danek, Aleksandra Woldańska-Płocińska and the originators and curators of the exhibition, Magdalena Kościańska and Piotr Czech. First edition of "Cross the b/order" exhibition took place in gallery BWA Zielona Góra in 2017. The author of visual identity for the previous event was Feliks Marciniak - this year's design will be also created based on his concept.          

We will present works in the field of press and book illustrations, textile prints, posters, animations and examples of spatial works that fit into the formula of the exhibition, going beyond the schemes or helping to break down various barriers.

partner: Instytut Sztuk Wizualnych Uniwersytetu Zielonogórskiego, Projekt Regał
media partner: grafmag.pl


  • A graduate of PWSSP Poznań (currently UAP). Ph.D. in the Faculty of Multimedia Communication in the field of graphics (Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań). From 1993, he was a lecturer at the Institute of Visual Arts at the University of Zielona Góra. He leads the Diploma Workshops - Pracownia 201 (www.pracownia201.pl) in the field of poster and illustration, graphic design, typography, sign and visual identity. Promoter of award-winning diplomas in the field of graphic design; illustrator and graphic designer.

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  • Illustrator, graphic designer and art educator. She creates objects and hand lettering, she also collaborates with cultural institutions (leading creative workshops). Founder and author of wyobrazniej.pl, website dedicated to visual education. A winner of several awards, including Lanolips Beauty Box Artist Competition (Australia 2012), Type Faces (Element Talks 2016 conference), San Diego Latino Film Festival Poster Competition (2017 - distinction). She collaborated with international Poster Poster platform and Bicycle Blog, writing about culture, design, and poster art.

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