6 - 15 july 2018

Agata Ciesielska & Karolina Wenskowska

experts "PR error"

Team members at Strefa Startup Gdynia, where their area of expertise are social media.

Agata Ciesielska
as part of her work in the Startup Zone, is responsible for events organized for researchers and technological startups and meetings for creators within the Strefa Blogera. She also runs workshops for students on graphic tools and social media. She does not like to get bored, loves to learn and is always in the middle reading a book about marketing.

Karolina Wenskowska
coordinates meetings for aspiring entrepreneurs in Strefa Marki- the series of events, where are discussed topics of marketing and visual identification. She is also responsible for workshops for students. As a graduate of bohemistry and public diplomacy, she believes that any crisis can be solved with the right dose of Czech humor.